Newsletter – September

Dear Friends of Origin,

Welcome back from the summer! We'd like to thank all of you for your support as our number of guests visiting us increases. We trust everyone enjoyed the three day weekend and the loads of moon cakes out there for mid-Autumn festival. As always, lot's of stuff happening at Origin this month, read on for more.

Fabrice Wattez, Origin

Vivid N. Savitri –Exhibit

A series of her most recent works; a unique blend of graphic elements and free hand drawings. Vivid is a designer and photographer, born in Australia and partly raised in New Zealand and The Netherlands; lived in Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and currently work & play in Shanghai as Creative Director of a very cool studio called Trigger which focus on doing myriad fun projects for major Hollywood film studios. She sometimes suffers from guilt for having too much fun at work! Check out her vibrant art pieces until November 1st.

Big Origin Salad

Ok, so we all know how healthy salad is but you often find it's not quite satisfying enough. We've spent vast efforts on R&D here to come up with the ultimate salad only to realise that YOU have the perfect recipe! It's pretty simple, you take a delicious base salad of iceberg lettuce, arugula, pine nuts and radish and then add to that your choice of meat (grilled beef, chicken breast, roast pork or smoked salmon), your choice of cheese (Parmesan, Goat, Yak, or Blue) and finally your choice of dressing (Vinaigrette, Honey Mustard, Wasabi Soya and Lemon Aioli). The result; tasty and satisfying and just the way YOU like it. Lastly, a tip for you health buffs – try the Wasabi Soya dressing for extra health benefits: “prevent cancer and blood clots, anti-asthmatic and antimicrobial properties as well as fighting tooth decay”…[Source, American Chemical Society, December 14, 2000].


Bread, we all love it, but are all breads created equal? Well, Origin has been in search of the perfect loaf and has discovered “Daniel”. Daniel will be the new bread supplier here at Origin and he bakes his traditional loaves from “boulangerie Daniel” high selected flour . Now available at Origin with a selection of 3 breads for the, Sandwiches: Ciabbatta, Panini, and brown bread.

Health & Sustainability at Taikang Rd

Origin has launched Health & Sustainability at Taikang Rd together with Nest and Shokay. Health & Sustainability @ Taikang is an association of like-minded vendors in Taikang Lu, represented by Nest, Origin, and Shokay. We seek to promote health and sustainability as a lifestyle choice to our community in Shanghai. This newsletter will include articles of interest along this theme as well as some related events and happenings in the area. Please click here to see the newsletter.

Health Fair

Under the banner of “Health and Sustainability”, Origin participated in Shanghai's first Health Fair at the Shanghai centre. This was a great opportunity to show case Origin's philosophy and meet like minded suppliers and customers. See website for more details.

Don't forget our Deliveries

Don't ignore those hunger pangs while you're busy working away at the office. If you're in the Taikang Rd area our friendly walking delivery service is here to help. Drop your business card when you next in to register. Download our menu and give us a call.

Milk Concerns

While we make every effort to use local products throughout the restaurant, we will be using imported milk for the next while until the current concerns about Chinese milk have been addressed.

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