Newsletter – June

Dear Friends of Origin,

Welcome to another edition of Origin News! So what's in stall this month you ask? Well, Taikang Lu is bursting at the seams like never before, but the good news is, Origin is ever present – your oasis of tranquillity. The high ceilings, comfy sofas and outdoor terrace provide one of the few spaces in the area for you to relax and enjoy.

This month we are starting our new dinner and lunch set menus and have the summer menu on the way for July. We have a “must see” exhibit coming up from July 1st and loads of new drinks with this seasons fruits. Read on for more…

Fabrice Wattez, Origin

Tim Franco Exhibit – July 1st – August 15th

Coming up in July we have Tim Franco exhibiting his unique style of pinhole photography. “Light doesn't flood into a pinhole camera, it seeps in slowly, drawn as strands to be manipulated and woven into a spider's web or spun into cotton candy. The images in this collection do not only represent a fleeting moment but an entire experience, be it a journey, a song, a thought. Watching the pictures closely over a period of time hypnotically draws one into the scene until we can almost perceive the movement it has captured.”

Set Menus

We have introduced some great value set meals for dinner, 4 course sets at 138rmb and 188rmb, and lunch sets for 68-98RMB. For dinner you can look forward to a sumptuous 4 course meal that includes Grilled Angus Beef or Roast Cod while for lunch we include pastas, salads and or fresh juices. We would like to inform our loyal Enjoy members who visit us regularly that the set menus are heavily discounted already and as such will not be eligible for the extra Enjoy discount. The good news is that you can still get discounts on other regular menu food and drink at any time even when ordering the sets.

It's HOT

That's right, summers in Shanghai are always guaranteed to be hot, so we've renovated the terrace to include a retractable awning to provide some cool shade. We also offer plenty of indoor air conditioned space for those of us who come from colder climates.


We're excited that the strawberries and mangos are coming into season because it means we get to create some delicious smoothies and juices. Aside from that we've been working on a terrific new wine list that has some great naturally grown grape wines and also some fantastic value bottles, including our “Taikang house” wine Merlot from Languedo, France for only 120rmb/Bottle.

Fresh Website

We are also pleased to announce the launch of our newly refreshed website. We've tried to capture the essence of Origin and represent that better online. You'll be able to see more about our exhibitions, sustainable philosophy and our updated menus. Click here to check it out.

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