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We've prepared something special for Valentine's Day and invite you to experience a wonderful evening at Origin. Our special menu is just 488RMB for 2 people and we have a present for all couples. In addition, any purchase of a bottle of Sparkling Rose ......


Health & Sustainability at Taikang Rd

Origin has launched Health & Sustainability at Taikang Rd together with Nest and Shokay. Health & Sustainability @ Taikang is an association of like-minded vendors in Taikang Lu, represented by Nest, Origin, and Shokay. Situated amongst the original residential community in traditional Shikumen housing and renovated artist factories, Taikang Lu is Shanghai's precious enclave of unique shops, galleries, and restaurants. From our stores and restaurants here, we seek to promote health and sustainability as a lifestyle choice to our community in Shanghai. This newsletter will include articles of interest along this theme as well as some related events and happenings in the area. Please click here to see the newsletter.

Pollution and Antioxidants by Origin

Ever felt like you seem to be getting sick often? Feeling a little low on energy or even just a nagging cough that doesn't go away? Well, that's life living with air pollution in Shanghai and you know it's far worse here than many other parts of the world. All that nasty pollution accelerates the accumulation of oxidants or ¡°free radicals¡± in your body which is bad for your health. Oxidants destroy healthy cells in your body or cause them to become dysfunctional and accelerate aging process. Antioxidants are the only barrier able to block the free radicals effects. The main beneficial antioxidants are; vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene. You can find them in fresh dark green leafy vegetables as well as other fruits and vegetables such as oranges, tomatoes and carrots. Consuming these raw will insure the maximum dosage of antioxidants is absorbed into the body. Origin offers an excellent range of antioxidant packed salads and juices that taste great and a packed full of goodness.

Don't forget ¡°3 fruits per day¡± is necessary to keep you vitamin body balance (cf: International health ministry).

Health & Sustainability at Origin

In the restaurant trade, Health can also be a driver for Sustainability . Choosing from local ingredients not only maximises freshness, but also eliminates unnecessary transport and freezing. What that means for Origin is summed up nicely through its "Seasonal Fresh Cuisine" tag line. Origin aims to provide healthy food without freezing or frying and where possible using as many local ingredients as can be sourced. Fueling your body with fresh, living food, is one of the best things you can do to contribute to your health and to the environment.

Wax Berries (Yang Mei)

We've all passed these cute little guys on the streets but few of us have every tried them. These innocent little berries pack quite a HEALTH punch, being high in antioxidants and full of a wide range of vitamins, including vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin and carotene. Great for immunity and metabolism it's a good idea to take advantage of them while there available in season. Aside from eating them fresh they make a great addition to a juice or smoothie. Try them in Origin's Orange/Yang Mei/Apple juice or in the extremely refreshing ¡°Joe Le Taxi¡± with Apple, Lemon and Lime.

Health and Sustainability Partners

NEST ¨C Design with a conscience

Discover NEST a retail retreat above the busy lanes of Taikang Road. A store to satisfy your senses and your conscience.
The ¡®Design with a Conscience' concept showcases 9 distinct brands demonstrating both intelligent design and responsible manufacturing. The materials used are natural, renewable or recyclable, the product creation process has a low impact on the environment, or there are social advantages benefiting people in China. Come browse the latest creations from Jooi, kitchen and serving products made from renewable bamboo by bambu, Wobaby organic cotton baby clothing, hand-woven Tibetan carpets from Torana, or clothing from natural fiber from Brown Rice. Sip organic, fair trade coffee and try out the sustainable furniture from A00, try out the recycled bags and accessories from Y-Town, or consider a gift from special collection of fine bone china from Asianera, and pick out some recycled paper and gift wrap created by Paper Tiger.

Shop Open Daily: 10:00 - 19:00
International Artist Factory (Bldg 3) Taikang Lu, Lane 210. Studio 201 (2 nd FLR) [ map ]
Ph: 6466 9524

SHOKAY ¨C Luxury with a Story story that draws on humanity and inspires purpose in the world of contemporary fashion.

Our yak down derives its unique origins from the mountainous regions of Western China above 10,000ft. The fibers are hand-combed by Tibetan herders, enabling them to earn a long-term sustainable living while preserving their traditional lifestyle. Yak down is a precious luxury fiber - only 100g of fine down can be combed from a yak every year. Shokay has also organized a cooperative of knitters in Chong Ming Island, bringing you to hand knit products with a true personal touch.

Our products are now sold around the world, from Paris to New York to Japan. Our Taikang store is the world's first yak lifestyle shop, featuring adult, children, and home collections made from 100% yak down. Custom-design options are also available!

At Shokay, we strive to bring forth a fresh and stylish fabric to the market in a socially conscious manner.

Shop Open Daily: 10:00 - 19:00
Tai Kang Rd. Lane 274, No. 9 [ map ]

Come back soon to check out more Health and Sustainability tips.
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