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We've prepared something special for Valentine's Day and invite you to experience a wonderful evening at Origin. Our special menu is just 488RMB for 2 people and we have a present for all couples. In addition, any purchase of a bottle of Sparkling Rose ......

  • Fabrice Wattez - Restaurateur and Creative Force behind Origin

    Fabriceholds a degree in Economics and a Masters in Physical education, heworked for many years in France's health and fashion industry. He hasheld positions as a sport instructor in the army, Phys-Ed teacher atcollege and private trainer. Fabrice was well known in the fashionindustry as one of Paris's top models and as such had the opportunityto travel the world through is work. In 2002, he visited Canton inChina to work with a local doctor and learn about traditional ChineseMedicine. His China travels later took him to Shanghai where he won theinternational final of the Manhunt Model competition organised byElite. He further established ties in Shanghai after being selected asa national spokesman of Channel Young in 2003. As Fabrice's trips andtime in Shanghai increased, he finally decided to establish himself inShanghai.

    Fabrice looks to live life to its fullest, hestrives for health, fitness, enjoyment and balance in his life Amongstthe 24/7, high-intensity backdrop of China's fastest pace city,maintaining these goals can be hard to achieve. Origin was created outof this desire to provide a calming space to re-invigorate oneself.Fabrice applied his educational background, professional and lifeexperiences to produce the Origin concept. The cuisine wascollaboration between his own passion for food (being of French/Italiandecent), his research of balance, and improvement of health, and masterChef Patrick Hansen knowledge. The harmonious interior space was aculmination of his eye for Nature and aesthetics and creative DesignerCalvin Wang (Ipont group).

  • Patrick Hansen - Cuisine Creator

    Patrickwas born and raised in Mid-Western United States, to a family thatvalued food in a sea of food-for-fuel-ers. He traveled to Mexico at theripe old age of 13 as an exchange student, where his love of foodawoke. After a brief stint in University as Art student, Patrickdecided that cooking was where he belonged and so attended the CulinaryInstitute of America in upstate New York. Patrick started travelling todevelop his culinary (Turkey, China, Vietnam, Laos.) In China, heworked in Jean Georges Shanghai before he moved to Finestre Shanghaifor a year and a half as their Sous Chef. Patrick has been inspired bythe Origin concept and worked for a full year to plan the dishes andseasonal recipes from the around the world selected for their taste andnutrients. Regularly travelling back and forth, he is currentlycontinuing his training in New York planning his next culinary travel.He strongly believes in bringing high quality, honest, and humble foodto the table with a twinkling of various ethnic personas. A young andtalented person, Patrick approaches food with passion and restaurantreviews may hear again about his work in the future.

  • Todd Anthony Tyler - Photographer and Art Contributor at Origin

    Toddis an internationally renowned photographer from Canada who providesthe art direction at Origin. Todd sees Origin as a blank canvas for himto display unique pieces of art from his favourite artists in Shanghaiand around the world, as well of some of his own works. In thiscapacity, Todd regularly organises art exhibitions in Origin's firstand second floors. In addition to art, Todd often entertainspersonalities from the fashion industry as well as organising boutiqueevents.

  • Veronique Cassou Wattez – Creative Designer

    Veroniqueis a French creative designer that moved to Italy to work withculturalprojects specialized on archeology animation and piecesreconstitution.Veronique was instrumental in creating the initial Originvisualidentity and logo.

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