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We've prepared something special for Valentine's Day and invite you to experience a wonderful evening at Origin. Our special menu is just 488RMB for 2 people and we have a present for all couples. In addition, any purchase of a bottle of Sparkling Rose ......


Christin Kalweit Exhibition Launch - September 6th

This month we are lucky to have some intriguing artwork by Christin. Inspired by her surroundings she tells a story through creative interpretation and manipulations of photographic images. Please join us this Sunday (6 th September) to see her exhibit launch between 7 – 9pm, free first drink and canapés provided.

Tim Franco Exhibit – July 1st – August 15th

Coming up in July we have Tim Franco exhibiting his unique style of pinhole photography. “Light doesn't flood into a pinhole camera, it seeps in slowly, drawn as strands to be manipulated and woven into a spider's web or spun into cotton candy. The images in this collection do not only represent a fleeting moment but an entire experience, be it a journey, a song, a thought. Watching the pictures closely over a period of time hypnotically draws one into the scene until we can almost perceive the movement it has captured.”


Virginie Lerouge Knight - May 1st – June 15th

We are pleased to present Virginie's contemporary installations at Origin during May/June. The exhibit will include several pictures of her public installations from France, Hong Kong and Shanghai as well as a custom installation right here at Origin.

Virginie Lerouge Knight is a French artist who has been living in China for the last 16 years, initially in Hong Kong, where she studied Fine Art with R.M.I.T. (Melbourne University), and for the last five years, in Shanghai. She specializes in conceptual installations and most of her projects are exhibited in public spaces.

Virginie has presented several works in Shanghai, such as a major public art project in 2007: Connect@ Xintiandi and then, last year, an interactive public art project: Evolution in Datong Lu, commissioned by the Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art.

In 2004, she was invited to exhibit a series of public sculptures in Lisieux, Normandy as part of the celebration of the 50 th anniversary of the D-Day Landing in France. Most recently, in March this year, Virginie was invited to take part in the Feminarte Festival in South of France, in Antibes, where she presented a large installation called: Identity.

In 2003 and 2005, her work was also exhibited twice at the French Art Festival ( the French May) in Hong Kong and she is currently working on large public art projects in both China and France.



Searather Exhibit March 1st - April 15th, 2009

We are very excited to present this upcoming exhibition by Searather. Her unique artwork combines Chinese typographic, poetry and science fiction. The upcoming exhibition is about poems and her "fantasy" outlook towards the world of design.


Kim Lam Exhibit - January 1st - February 15th, 2009

As we finish off Todd Anthony Tyler's amazing photographic exhibit this month we say hello to Kim Lam. Kim's award winning art is an interesting combination of Eastern and Western influences painted with watercolours. Kim's artwork will adorn the walls of Origin throughout January. Pop by and check it out!



Todd Anthony Tyler - Exhibit – November 15 th , December 31 st , 2008

Entitled AURA, Todd Anthony Tyler's upcoming photo exhibition features his favourite images from the most recent 2 years of his photographic career. A blend of fashion and art, his images transcend the conventional notion of fashion photography and touch on a surreal note of shadows, motion and the simple beauty of the human form. His exhibit will be on from November 15 to December 31st


Vivid N. Savitri – 展览 – 2008 年 9 月 15 日 - 11 月 1 日

一系列她的最近的作品 ; 独特的设计元素和自由手绘图的糅合 . Vivid 是一个设计师和摄影师 , 出生在澳大利亚 , 部分时间在新西兰和荷兰长大 ; 住在日本 , 印度尼西亚 , 新加坡 , 目前的工作和演出在上海 , 作为一个叫做 Trigger 的非常酷的工作室的创作指导 , 它们的目标就是为主要的好莱邬电影工作室制作大量的好的节目 . 有的时候 , 她为自己工作中获得这么多快乐而感到一点负罪感 !

“我童年最大的礼物就是流浪 , 旅行 , 摄影 , 超级英雄, manga 很快成为我的创作来源 . 在一个工作狂众多的国家 , 在一个物质的社会 , 在一种强迫症的状态下 , 能够把所有的事情放在一遍 , 离开你的环境 , 只是简单地专注 , 是我不至于累死在工作上 , 人和生活中的唯一方法 . 如果旅行满足了我的好奇心 , 摄影给了我新的调色盘 , 那么设计 ( 以任何形式 ) 则使得我的创作车轮不断地旋转 .” Vivid N. Savitri



Razzia – Poster 展览 – 2008 年 8 月 1 日 - 9 月 15 日

被称为世界上唯一摩登时代的海报”艺术家”之一 , Razzia 作品是经典的, 图标式的 . 在一个计算机当道和高效设计软件存在的时代 , Razzia 仍然从原始的图画中构思他的海报 . 他已经为世界上最大的品牌和最有世界影响力的事件做了 25 年的广告 … 8 月 15 日 - 9 月 15 日 , 请来观看他的著名的作品吧 .


Nuria Roca 展览 - 2008 7

Nuria Roca 1981 年出生于巴塞罗那 . 她小时候到许多不同的国家旅游的机会对她影响很大 , 也引起了她对摄影的热情 .. 她的摄影 , 基于对人的肖像 , 想解释一点小故事 , 总之 , 想传达人们的感情 . 2008 年 2 月 , 她搬到上海 , 开始她的上海社会变迁的个人摄影记录 . 基于儿童肖像的 2008 年展览式她的第一个图片展 . 这些照片式她在去越南 , 印度 , 中国的不同旅途中拍摄的.


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